Aspestos Removal Glebe

Aspestos Removal Glebe

Does your home have fibro sheets that contain asbestos? If it is over 25 years and has not been inspected by Aspestos Removal Glebe then you are endangering the health of your family. Majority of the old homes were constructed using materials with Fibro sheets which can be dangerous when they get broken or are left in poor condition.

It is frightening to know that asbestos can be found not just in roof or external walls but they can also be in the walls of your laundry room and bathroom, garage roof, fences and your vinyl floor tiles. Experts claim that different forms of asbestos can be found in almost 30 percent of Sydney buildings.

Aspestos Removal in Glebe

You can remain scared and put your family’s health at risk for the rest of your life, or you can contact a Aspestos Removal company in Glebe to inspect your home. It is important that you choose a licensed removal company to help you get a clear picture of the specific areas in your home that contain asbestos. The aspestos removal company in Glebe will be in a better position to recommend a course of action considering the condition of your home, so that you can avoid a possible health risk.

There was a time when homeowners think of their eroded, unpainted and ill-conditioned home as an eye sore that should be repaired as soon as possible. However, the aspestos removal scare has confirmed that poorly-maintained homes are not only unpleasant to the eyes but are also unpleasant to health.

The Australian government has enacted the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety Regulation laws for aspestos removal. The legislation provides that possible aspestos hazards must be identified and controlled. There is also a provision that requires a licence for the removal of bonded asbestos material measuring over ten square metres.

Glebe Aspestos removal

Asbestos have been used in construction and in manufacturing since the 19th century not only because it was affordable but because of its ability to resist chemical damage, heat and fire. However, it was only in 1991 when the government became concerned over its health risks and banned its use in Australian building.

Old buildings can have many parts that still contain asbestos fibres which are very fine and invisible to the eye, but can penetrate the lungs when they become airborne. If you leave in an old home or an old office that still contains the asbestos-filled fibro sheets, then you are at risk of getting asbestos mesothelioma, lung cancer or even gastrointestinal cancer. The sad thing is that the symptoms of asbestos exposure can appear after 20 or 40 years of exposure, and can progress even if the exposure has stopped. It is thus important to have your old structures inspected for possible asbestos content and contact Glebe aspestos removal to have a look at it for you. This is a dangerous task so deal only with licensed contractors like All About Asbestos.

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