Asbestos – What is it?

Asbestos Sydney

Asbestos has to be removed from your house and from around the house if you want to avoid having certain cancers and other bad diseases. The material was widely used at a time when people weren’t aware of its health-related issues. Fewer and fewer homes are built with the help of asbestos.

Here’s what you have to know about Asbestos Sydney:

#1: Asbestos is a natural material.

They are fibrous crystals that started to be used even 4,500 years ago. Nowadays, the professionals are fully aware of its health related consequences. Asbestos Sydney is usually mixed with cement to create the asbestos cement which is used in all kinds of construction uses cases.

#2: Asbestos can be everywhere around your house.

There are plenty of products that contain asbestos. Some of the most important are: asbestos cement used to isolate the walls, asbestos roofing and shingles, water pipes, asbestos gutters and fences made of asbestos.

Let’s say that you have a fence and you suppose that it’s made of asbestos. First compare it with other pictures you can see on the internet. Then if you aren’t sure, you can ask a professional who can test the material. Companies that are specialized in removing asbestos will find asbestos in places around your home that you would not even consider

#3: The asbestos cement comes with many health-related risks

In the past few decades, more and more cases of diseases were encountered. In the beginning, doctors didn’t know exactly what was their cause. They appeared too suddenly. After countless trials they found out that asbestos is the main cause of this new diseases.

They happen when people do not take enough precautionary measures. Asbestos is a solid material that doesn’t affect you directly. The dust of asbestos is made out of tiny particles that can cause health-related issues.

The following are the most important diseases and health problems that are caused by an exposure to asbestos dust. Asbestosis is a disease caused by asbestos and it leads to respiratory impairment and other similar diseases. Lung cancer is believed to be also caused by asbestosis. Mesothelioma is a cancer that can either affect the lungs or the abdominal cavity.

#4: Here’s how the asbestos Sydney cement can affect your lungs

Asbestos is made out of fibers and it’s a natural substance. When the fibers are either smashed or hit, they will release dust into the air. The dust is made out of particles which are extremely small. If the exposure is high enough, these tiny particles will attach themselves to your lungs and your body will not be able to eliminate them. Many lung related diseases are caused by these particles. It’s much easier to prevent this issue than to solve it. So you should stay away from asbestos.

#5: Asbestos is still used in construction for its characteristics.

Asbestos became more popular in the 19th century. It absorbs sound, it’s strong and it’s resistant to fire, electrical current, most chemicals and heat.

#6: Let a professional do the asbestos removal.

A professional is equipped with the right protection equipment and it’s better at finding and removing them.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is the common term to describe a number of naturally occurring fibrous material. Products made from asbestos cement (bonded asbestos material) include:

  • Fibro sheeting (flat and corrugated)
  • Water
  • Drainage and flue pipes
  • Roofing shingles and guttering

All asbestos types are classified as carcinogenic (cancer causing) and prolonged exposure to high concentrations of asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Only fibro products made before 1987 contain asbestos. The manufacture and use of asbestos products was banned in Australia in December 2003.

Where is Asbestos found?

Asbestos can be found in buildings, workplaces and dwellings built before 1990. Buildings, workplaces and dwellings that have been built after 1990 can also contain asbestos.

Asbestos can be difficult to identify and it is often impossible to confirm it’s presence by a visual inspection. The only way to be certain whether asbestos is present is to have a sample of the material analysed by an accredited laboratory.

You should never attempt to sample anything you believe may contain asbestos. It is very dangerous and should only be done by a licensed contractor.

Asbestos in your home!

Examples of the wide range of products made from asbestos cement are:

  • Flat asbestos cement sheeting commonly used for interior and exterior walls.
  • Corrugated asbestos cement sheeting commonly used for domestic roofing.
  • Asbestos cement water pipes.
  • Asbestos cement gutters.
  • Asbestos cement electrical conduit.
  • Asbestos cement shingles (domestic roofing).
  • Asbestos/vinyl floor tiles.
  • Corrugated asbestos cement fence panels.

As you can see from above, asbestos is a very common product!

Health risks?

Health problems can occur when people are unaware of the hazards of working with asbestos and do not take appropriate precautions. The important factor is to always work to minimise the release of dust and small particles from asbestos material.

Breathing in asbestos fibres has been linked to three respiratory diseases, all of which can be fatal:

  • Asbestos is is a chronic lung disease that leads to respiratory impairment and diseases including lung cancer.
  • Lung cancer caused by asbestos cannot be distinguished from those cancers that are caused by other agents.
  • Mesothelioma is a cancer in two forms – pleural which is a tumour of the lung; and peritoneal, which is a cancer of the abdominal cavity.
What do I do now?

Now that you have identified what you think is asbestos in your home and you want to know your options – right?

Your options are pretty straight forward, leave it alone and live with the concerns you already have, or get it removed by a qualified and licensed asbestos contrator while enjoying the peace of mind that it’s one less potential hazard you and your family are exposed to.

Sydney asbestos

This should be removed from your home and from around the home. It used to be considered a great material but nowadays people know better. Hire a company specialized in its removal and get rid of it as soon as you can. Otherwise, you and your family will risk getting lung cancer and/or other diseases.

The number one question we get asked is should I get rid of it??? And the simple answer is YES!
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