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All About Asbestos is 100% trained and licensed with over 15 years experience by accredited training and licensing institutions. We are also known as Asbestos Removal Company Sydney and organise your Asbestos Removal from the planning, preparation, removal and packing stages right through to the proper transport and disposal.

The main and the obvious reason for which people should contract an asbestos removal company in Sydney is because it is dangerous to take care of such a job by themselves. When something needs to be done, most people have the impression that they can handle everything by themselves. This statement can be valid for most situations but not when it comes to asbestos, which is incredibly dangerous for one’s health, leading even to cancer. In this case a specialized asbestos removal company must be contracted and we are just the perfect ones for the job, we have dedicated our entire time for becoming the best asbestos removal company Sydney and masterfully succeeded.

Our company has been in the field for more than 15 years and in time we have gathered the best equipment on the market and the most efficient techniques for safely removing asbestos for every place: industrial, workplaces, garages, and residential.

Asbestos Removal Company

You might wonder what is asbestos and why you need a professional asbestos removal company. Asbestos cement is a construction material that was widely used in all constructions built before 1990. In those times it was a popular material for building everything: walls, roofs, fences, water pipes, electrical conduit, floors, gutters, and more other. The horrible repercussions of asbestos concerning one’s health were not fully known and when things became clear people understood the need for contracting asbestos removal company Sydney.

An accredited asbestos removal company, like we are, only cares about the safety of its customers and its potential customers. No one knows better than a Sydney asbestos removal company why this kind of work is so important and how it can be performed in the most efficient manner in order for completely removing asbestos from a place and ensure that people populating a place are acting in the safest environment.

Sydney Asbestos Removal Company

As we have stated earlier, asbestos was a very common material, a popular one and it was used for building everything so don’t think it over too much and act: contact the best asbestos removal company in Sydney, All About Asbestos.

After our work is done, and we will act immediately and make any job our priority, you will feel much better that you have saved your family or your workers from serious potential diseases. All that is possible by simply contacting All About Asbestos, a Sydney asbestos removal company.

A person should not undertake the removal of asbestos into his own hands instead hire an asbestos removal company, because when performing this action the released amount of dust and asbestos particles must be minimized. Without the proper equipment detained by an asbestos specialist, these conditions cannot be fulfilled and the exposure to particles and dust would lead to lung diseases or cancer.

The general process

which we undertake is detailed below:

This starts with studying the logistics required removing the product from the property (eg. access, parking, clearways, etc) structural condition, risk assessment, the notifying of neighbors, setting times and dates.


This begins with the setting up of the site, erecting boundaries and perimeters, warning signs, laying of plastic drop sheets, spraying asbestos sheets (non toxic) and assessing and eliminating all the possible hazards that may arise during removal.

Our method of removal incorporates an exclusive process using 2 compressed air guns, which shoot in the nails holding the asbestos back into the timbers.

This minimises the breakage of the asbestos sheets, making
SAFETY a priority!


This begins only after the planning and preparation stages are complete. Sheets of fibro are removed using techniques that cause minimal breakage, the fibro sheets are removed in one piece whenever possible (broken asbestos can generate dust and fibres). Areas are then cleaned using an industrial HEPA filter vacuum, wet wipe system or spray system (whichever applicable). After removal it is wrapped in thick heavy duty plastic or bagged in proper, specially marked “Asbestos” storage bags, loaded onto our trucks or in skip bins, sealed, tarped and secured before being transported to an EPA approved tipping station licensed to accept asbestos.

Registration of the job is entered into our “ASBESTOS REGISTER” and copies of tipping receipts are sent to you for your records and as proof of proper disposal (Council may ask for proof of disposal).

Our team at All About Asbestos use proven systems and procedures, as per WorkCover specifications and “Code of Practice for Safe Removal of Asbestos” [NHOSC:2002(1988)] reducing any of the possible risks involved, giving you, the customer, total peace of mind.

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" Thank you to Ashley and the team from All About Asbestos for your great work in removing all of the hazardous chemicals within our home. Now me and my family can breathe easily."

— Aaron Nolan - Kirrawee

"Initially we were going to remove the asbestos ourselves. The we watched a documentry on Asbestos and how dangerous it can be for your health. Straight away we decided to get..."

— Sam Youngherst - Wollongong

"Fast service, friendly team and a great price. Thank you All About Asbestos for your great work."

— Kristy Melvis - Coogee